"Ananda Dhwani literally means Happy Melody! Happiness and Peace through music is what Ananda Dhwani symbolizes. The seeds of Ananda Dhwani were sown by renowned Sitarist, Late Pandit Deepak Chaudhury and it is being nurtured by his student Sangeet Ratna Shree Prabir Bhattacharya, along with others.You could be a professional or an amateur, a student, a teacher or an audience, but if its music which makes you smile, you are part of the world of Ananda Dhawni. "


Best wishes from Team Ananda Dhwani

This is the Samay Chakra of Hindustani Classical Music within the 24 hours of a day.

There are also Seasonal Raags which have a place in this chakra. In that particular season ,those Raags can be performed in any prahar of the day , because they depict the general mood of the season . For example , Basant can be sung at any time of the day in Spring, but it also has a place in the Samay Chakra : Raat Ka antim prahar.

Only Hindustani Classical music has a Samay Chakra and SeasonalĀ  Raags

- Chandrima Sanyal Dutta, Hindustani Vocal Teacher and Performer, Bangalore

Congratulations to Sangeet Pratibha 2018 Hindustani vocal winner, Ankini Karmakar

This composition by Tagore normally sung on his birthday anniversary is apt for any new beginning. The meaning of the lyrics is shared below. Enjoy the instrumental version.
Team Anandadhwani takes this opportunity to wish all friends and well wishers a Happy 2020. May it be melodious and filled with joy


Hey new dawn,
On the auspicious moment of birth reveal again.May you blazon as mist you adjourn-
Like the Sun
Piercing breast of maze reveal yourself yet again.May the joys of life reveal again.
May upon you the infinite eternal daze unveil once againConch shells resound on eastern horizon, and so in my heart
Resounds the eternal dawn.
On the day of my revelation.

Team Ananda Dhwani wishes all friends and well wishers

A Merry Christmas !

Students of Music and DanceĀ  practice practice practice...... Hear the renditions by maestros..... attend as many live concerts as you can.......

Practicing Music is like Praying.........

Press Conference 2019

At the Ā Ananda Dhwani press conference, the Carnatic - Hindustani Mandolin ensemble made an impromtu presentation! Only Pandit Anubrata Chatterjee was missing.
Come hear this energetic team perform at the inaugural concert of Whitefield Music Festival 2019 on Saturday, November 16th at 5 pm .
Whitefield Music Festival 2019 Concluding Concert : Hindustani Vocal Recital by Ustad Rashid Khan (Padma Shri), with Pandit Subhankar Banerjee on the table, Ustad Murad Ali on the Sarangi and Pandit Vinay Mishra on the harmonium.
Master Armaan Khan will also be on stage to give his father vocal support!
Sunday, November 17th 2019, Inner Circle Grounds, 7 PM

Ustad Rashid KhanĀ ,Ā belongs to theĀ Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana, and is the great-grandson of Gharana founder,Ā UstadĀ Inayat Hussain Khan.Ā The Rampur-SahaswanĀ gayakiĀ (style of singing) is closely related to theĀ Gwalior Gharana, which features medium-slow tempos, a full-throated voice and intricate rhythmic play.Ā 

Whitefield Music Festival Concert 3:
Ā Sarod Recital by Pandit Rajeev Taranath( Padma Shri) with Pandit Nayan Ghosh on the Tabla
Saturday, 16th November 2019 at 7 pm
TheĀ SarodĀ is aĀ stringed instrument, used mainly inĀ Hindustani music
The wordĀ sarodĀ roughly translates to "beautiful sound" or "melody" inĀ Persian.Ā Lalmani MisraĀ opines in hisĀ Bharatiya Sangeet VadyaĀ that theĀ sarodĀ is a combination of the ancient chitravina, the medieval rubab and modernĀ sursingar.
The conventionalĀ sarodĀ is a 17 to 25-stringed lute-like instrument.The strings are plucked with a triangularĀ plectrum(java).Ā The lack of frets and theĀ tensionĀ of the strings make theĀ sarodĀ a very demanding instrument to play.
Whitefield Music Festival 2019 : Concert 4
Sitar Recital by Pandit Prabir Bhattacharya with Tabla maestro Pandit Kumar Bose
Sunday November 17th , 5 pm
The Sitar is aĀ plucked stringed instrument, originating from theĀ Indian subcontinent, used inĀ Hindustani classical music. The instrument flourished under theĀ Mughals, and it is named after a Persian instrument called theĀ setar(meaningĀ three strings).Ā In appearance, the sitar is similar to theĀ tanpura, except that it has frets.

Behind the scenes: Whitefield Music Festival 2019

The story of the famedĀ  Konarak Sun Temple on Wheels will be recreated by Ohom Arteffects under the supervision of Robin Majumdar as the stage. The stage will feature the exquisiteĀ  temple architecture sculptured in wood n thermacol, unbelievably close to the original by the artist's team lead by Goutam Chakraborty, known for his stagecraft for more than two decades at various events.


Our Inspiration: Sitar Maestro Late Pandit Deepak Choudhury

Ananda Dhwani Music Trustā€™s inspiration, Late Pandit Deepak Choudhury, was one of the foremost disciples of the much revered genius, Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Deepakji was considered to be one of the doyens of the Maihar Gharana, in his generation of musicians. Besides performing in concerts the world over, he was a faculty in the Department of Instrumental Music, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, till his demise.

The name ā€˜Ananda Dhwaniā€™ originates from the Raga Anandhwani, composed by Deepakji. The Raga is a blend of the Carnatic Raga, Hamsadhwani and the Hindustani Raga, Anandi Kalyan.

Through Ananda Dhwani, the legend of Deepakji will be carried forward by his students and grand students, led by his foremost student, Sangeet Ratna Shri Prabir Bhattacharya.

Ā Our Heartfelt Pranams to Pandit Deepak Choudhuryji for his inspiration.

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