Whitefield Music Festival 2011

Jagriti Theatre Whitefield , Bangalore

Sitar Sarod Jugalbandi

Sitar: Prabir Bhattacharya
Sarod: Subhabrata Chatterjee
Tabla: Rahul Pophali

Nishikant Ji & Vishwajit Ji play slow Jhaptal in Raga jhinjoti live in concert in Banglore- July 2011.

Nishikant Barodekar wth Biswajit Roychaudhary-Keherwa

Nishikant ji playing Dadra Flok style wth Viswajit ji in Banglore Whitefield Music Festival July 2011

Nishikant ji plays a traditional Gat which resembles to the sound of the Nakkara Drum which was played in the early times on the Lal Quila Gate. He plays Tabla wth both hands symbolising the hand movements played for Nakkara. Live concert in Banglore Whitefied Music Festival-July 2011

Nishikant Barodekar - presenting a Punjab Kayda In Teental Tabla Solo. Live recording from concert in Banglore-Whitefield Music Festival July 2011.

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